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Do You Lie?

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When you are trying to get things done, when you are trying to reach your goals, take a hard look at the things you are telling yourself.

Many times, we are self-limiting based on statements that are simply not true.

Here are the Top 12 Time management Lies That We Tell Ourselves:

  1. I don’t have time. - Yes, you do have time. The same in the day as everyone else. You have just chosen to spend it elsewhere.
  2. I have to do this. - The next time you say this, ask yourself, “What would happen if I didn’t do this?” Many of the things we take for granted as “must do” are only required because we let them be.
  3. I am going to exercise more. - I want to get into shape, but I don’t have time. (See #1) You do have time to workout, you don’t have the will.
  4. I am going to do it… - Stop saying. Start doing. There is a big difference between saying you are going to do something, and actually doing it. Action always beats empty words.
  5. When I have more time… - You have all the time you are going to have. You are not going to “have more” later. Truth be told, you don’t even know how much you have left. Just do it now.
  6. When things settle down… - There is no normal life. Just life. Life is not going to suddenly calm down in the future so that you can do something new. Some of the best work is done under pressure and while things are busiest.
  7. I’ll do it tomorrow… - Today is the day. Not tomorrow. Or the day after that. Stop putting off things until tomorrow. Let today be the day.
  8. I am not lucky… – If that is what you believe, then it will be so. However, you make your own luck. And the secret is, that the harder you work, the luckier you get. (True.) Don’t wait for luck to come your way, go out and find it.
  9. I can’t do that… - If you haven’t tried, then how do you know? We are all stronger than we think. Only by stretching yourself will you find that your boundaries are much larger you think.
  10. I am going to change… – Most people don’t change. They get older, maybe a little bigger. But, most do not change. Change is hard. So, don’t take it lightly when you “say” you are going to change. It takes concentrated effort and much discipline.
  11. I can get this done in an hour… – We often underestimate the time that tasks take. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter on a project that you thought we only take a few hours?
  12. That deadline isn’t important… – Many of us are numb to deadlines, thinking that they are not important. However, even if there is not an apparent consequence, there is always lost time and missed opportunities.

Telling the Truth

The next time you hear some of these statements, question their accuracy.

Instead, be straightforward about what you will do and what you can accomplish.

Be truthful about your actions.

And of course, be honest with yourself.