Your “ROL” (Return on Leadership), will be evident not only by the bottom-line results, but also by the intangibles; Grit, Self-Awareness, Resourcefulness...

Top Ten Tips to Maximize your ROL: 

  1. Take charge of your thoughts…your thoughts lead to your actions
  2. Have a personal vision. Who you are is not what you do for a living
  3. Focus on others and in turn they will then be more likely to focus on you
  4. Tap in your innovative potential and give yourself breathing space to find it
  5. Develop your awareness of responding, rather than reacting to situations and events
  6. Make a decision to let go of control and build your capacity to trust in the ability of others
  7. Keep an open mind. Perspective is everything
  8. Be willing to do things differently. Be a leader, rather than a follower
  9. Consciously shift your attitude when self-doubt arises
  10. Apply the power of positive Influence during every encounter
Top Ten Tips from Michelle Ray